We are grateful for the generosity of our Class of 1969 classmates as we planned for and celebrated our 35-year reunion!
THANK YOU to our greeters! You worked so hard!!!
Connie Haddad, Jane Cunningham, Michael O'Rourke, Julie May, Diane Frick, Lyn Gavin, Pat Stone, Linda Bain, Beth Lawless
Michael O'Rourke - sponsoring THREE TEACHERS at LaScala
Denise Kontras - sponsoring teacher, Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Ken Pfeifer - donating a keg of beer Saturday night
Patrick Dynes - donating $100 toward food Saturday night
Bill Clark & Ellen Isaly - Memorial Tree, Teacher
Dan & Lynn Dee Gardner Rohr - Memorial tree
Anita Evans - Friendship Fund
Barb Minton - Friendship Fund, Memorial Tree
Birti Hardie Gydosh - Friendship Fund
Linda Miller and Don Chakeres - dessert at LaScala, Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship, Reunion Fund
Jane Cunningham - Friendship Fund and Memorial Tree
Sally Whipple Rudy - Memorial Tree
Ed King - Friendship Fund , Reunion Fund, Teacher Sponsorship
Jay Moffitt - Memorial Tree, Reunion Fund
Linda Watson - Memorial Tree
Pat Caldwell - Reunion Fund
Gay Leeka -Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Anita Evans - Friendship Fund
Gordon Mitchell - Teacher (Mrs. Sally Donnells)
Scott Street and Cyndy McLane- Reunion Fund
Debbie Legget & Allen Carnes - keg of beer Saturday night, Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Janice Balk - Reunion Fund
Pat Caldwell - Reunion Fund
Brent Hawley - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Sue Jones - Friendship Fund
Bev Kagy - Friendship Fund
Beth Lawless - Food, Memorial Tree, Reunion Fund
Gay Leeka - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Barb Minton - Memorial Tree, Friendship Fund
Libbie Pfefferle - Friendship Fund
Randy Yontz - Teacher Sponsorship
Barbara Boggs (Barrington 6th grade teacher) - donation to reunion
Bruce Johnson - Teacher Sponsorship
Dennis Anderholm - Sponsorship of TWO teachers, Reunion Fund
Denise Neubeck - Teacher Sponsorship
Carol Linberg - Reunion Fund
Steve Polk - Memorial Tree, Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Terri Corbett - Reunion Fund
Pat Stone - Reunion Fund
Fritz Reitter - Memorial Tree
Mike Stoyak - Reunion Fund
Willie Verhoff - Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship, Reunion Fund
Donna Sell - Reunion Fund
Nancy Bonifield - Teacher Sponsorship, Reunion Fund
John Williams - Teacher Sponsorship of Blaine Bierley, Barry Merrick
Julie May - Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship
Jim Long - Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship
Steve Andrews - Friendship Fund
Beth Postle - Friendship Fund
Bob Crunelle - Memorial Tree
Jeanne Favret - Friendship Fund
Tom Grehl - Reunion Fund
Jackie Cooper - Friendship Fund
Pam Allerding - Reunion Fund
Jim Long - Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship
Donna Sell - Reunion Fund
Jeff Torrence - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Bruce Reinwald - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Beth Minor - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Nancy Bonifield -Reunion Fund
Tom Horn - Friendship Fund, Teacher Sponsorship, Reunion Fund
Tim Kohr - Reunion Fund
Craig Anderson - Friday dinner
Ed Rhine - Friendship Fund
Garry Hall - Friendship Fund
Birti Hardie - Friendship Fund
Craig Anderson - Reunion Fund
Molly Cressor - Reunion Fund
Clarke Johnson - Reunion Fund
Becky Wilson (Faculty) - Friendship Fund
Beth Madden - Friendship Fund
Christine Gere - Friendship Fund
Linda Whiteman - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Steve Andrews - Friendship Fund
Bob Crunelle - Friendship Fund, Memorial Tree
Pam Shuey - Reunion Fund
Dean Grinch - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
John Lucas - Friendship Fund
Diane Frick - Memorial Tree
Elyse Close - Reunion Fund
Greg Stoner - Reunion Fund, Friendship Fund
Sue Gambs - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund
Diane Hall - Friendship Fund, Reunion Fund, Teacher Sponsorship
Debbie Deam - Reunion Fund
Susie Rinehart - Reunion Fund
Thank you for addressing and stamping postcards!
Denise Kontras Merino, Sue Jones Patterson, Libbie Pfefferle Trott, Susan Wagner Gemma, Linda Miller Chakeres
Thank you for doing the nametags for the parties!
Jane Cunningham, Sue Jones
Thank you for coordinating the Memorial Tree purchase and planting!
Connie Frecker
Thank you for taking care of UA69 shirts and hats!
Jack Cochran
Thank you for finding and contacting former teachers and for donating the paper, postage, and all costs of mailing the invitations to faculty! Wow!
Michael O'Rourke, Ginger Richards
Thank you for volunteering to coordinate the float construction and decorations!
Julie May Jones, Dave Cooper, Gordon Mitchell, Jim Long
Thank you for searching for family members of our deceased classmates and taking care of invitations to the Memorial Service for them!
Sue Jones, Julie May
Thank you for contacting classmates via telephone to encourage them to attend!
Jane Cunningham, Beth Postle, Jack Cochran, Connie Haddad, Linda Miller, Jim Miller, Linda Whiteman, Jay Moffitt, Randy Yontz





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