Since sending reunion information by US Mail is very expensive, we are trying to get email addresses for EVERY SINGLE UA69er! Of course it's a lofty goal, but we can do it!

Please check your own email address on the Email Addresses page, and let me know if you prefer that I use a different one by emailing me.

These UA69ers' names are in alphabetical order using the ladies' maiden names (if applicable) and their married names are included. Please check the list carefully and click the gold button to send in information for any and all classmates for whom you have a confirmed email address. Or email me at

You have no idea how much you are helping. THANK YOU!

While you're here, please visit our UA69 FACEBOOK page and "like" it so that you will get notificatoins when we post an announcement there.
We currently have no email addresses for the following UA69ers. Hopefully YOU do, and you'll share those email addresses so that everyone receives our communications.
Kathy Achatz
Jane Anderson Johns
Steve Andrews
Scott Anstaett
David Armstrong
Mike Attridge
Mark Baden
Chuck Baker
Beth Baldock Fisher
Bill Barnett
Patty Bellew
David Birch
Tom Black
Susan Bodie
Diane Borden McConaughy
Bob Brayden
Kathy Calderone Socher
Cindy Carmell Andrews
Mike Chapin
Patty Chapin Lay
Laurie Christison
Carol Coddington Serafconn
Patty Colley Baer
Phil Comfort
Bob Cotternman
Julie Cravens Edmonds
Kathy Daneshvari
Susanna Davis
Vicki Day Gilliland
Ginny Dean Ryland
Cheryl Deubner
Susan Dick Sandler
Brian Diehl
Preston Dill
Doug Donaldson
Dan Donnell
Andy Doyle
Dennis Driggs
Dan Duffee
Kirk Ebert
Debbie Edmondson
Dave Edwards
Karen Edwards Mescher
Joanne Eisenman
Bill Ellis
Dennis Ellis
Judy Ellis Frawley
Peggy Fagerberg Montgomery
Frank Fazio
Karen Federle
Connie Fisher Clark
Margaret Fisher
Suzanne Fletcher Davenport
Tom Foley
Judy Freeman Malloy
Jim Fries
Brooks Friley
Ann Gallagher
George Gease
Chris Graham
Mary Grannis
Tom Grehl
Larry Greulich
Bill Harman
Larry Harmon
Ann Havener Esterbrook
Marcia Henderlich Weltz
June Henderson-McCarthy
Craig Heselton
Vicci Hiltabiddle Boulton
Jacquie Hughes Nolan
Bruce Hurd
Debbie Jenkins
Linda Jennings
Babs Johnson Achbach
Lynn Johnson
Jane Joost
Nancy Jordan
Linda Kauffman
Jim Kell
Nancy Kiefer Bogosian
Janet Kiplinger
Mike Kirch
Richie Knowlton
Carolyn Koch Toops
Ron Kremm
Karen Kroft Clay
Roger Labarre
Karen Lankamer
Lars Larson
David Lavelle
John Leshy
John Locke
Becky Long
Bob Luce
Dennis Maby
Heleanor Makley Smith
Ellyn Maull
Dana McAllister Ragsdale
Tom McCracken
Donna McCurdy Fritz
Colleen McGuckin Babcock
Lee Meckstroth
Orville Meek
Alan Mercer
George Metzger
Dave Middleton
Eric Miller
Richard Miller
Brian Moloney
Mike Moore
Jean Murison Shaheen
Phil Nelson
Kerrin O'Brien
Alison Odgers McGeorge
Belma Ozmen
Richard Paoletti
Patti Parfenchuk Dean
Bev Parrish
Yvonne Parsons Rose
Gwen Patterson Worthington
Jim Patterson
John Pettengill
Dan Porter
Dana Post
Lin Powell
Pam Price Adams
Anne Puglisi Spillman
Beverly Quantz
Rachel Ramsey Conner
Becky Rankin Bower
Linda Ransom Schuenke
Susan Ransom Guirl
Steve Reeb
Jan Reed Hollern
Janie Reed Thomas
Patty Reilly Sevinski
Lucinda Reynolds
Sarah Robinson Wyeth
Fred Romire
John/Neil Rouse
Cathy Ruisinger Mather
Elsie Salzgaber Bierly
Kathy Schiefer Tartal
Jack Selig
Sandra Shonkwiler Neiditz
Jody Simmons
Donna Slivinski Milacek
David L. Smith
Julie Smith
Mary Smith Mackay
Bob Snider
Tony Stankiewicz
Craig Stevens
Susan Stocker
Rande Stroup
Jim Sutermaster
Greg Swank
Debbie Taylor Porterfield
John Thierman
Bob Uhlig
Mary Vercelli
Bruce Watkins
Bonnie Welch
Karen West Tankovich
Bob Wilcox
Randi Williams Pearl
Bonnie Wright Francis
Fritz Ziegler
Eric Ziercher





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