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Prior to the 2004 35-year reunion, Denise Kontras Merino and Libbie Pfefferle Trott developed a generous and thoughtful fund, The Friendship Fund, to enable some of our classmates who have severe health challenges due to strokes, multiple sclerosis, and other debilitating illnesses to attend the reunion activities at no charge to them.

In 2009, we will once again use the Friendship Fund to help these classmates attend our reunion events. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! This project depends on the benevolence of our classmates in the form of donations that will be designated for this fund. Molly Cressor Ingold is also helping with this project for the 2009 reunion.

Funds collected will be used to provide admission to the events and transportation if a specially equipped vehicle is necessary.

Another way you can help with this fund is by volunteering to be a companion/host for one of our classmates for a portion of one of the events. Pease indicate which event and for how long you would be available.

If you know of any classmate who is disabled due to medical reasons, please contact Denise, Libbie and Molly. All information will be kept confidential.

This is simply a pledge to include your donation with your reservation or, if you are unable to attend the reunion, you can simply send a check when you receive the reunion information. There will be a place on the final reservation form specifically designated for donations to this fund. We appreciate your generosity and concern for others.

Questions? Please email Denise, Libbie or Molly.


The UAHS Class of 1969 Friendship Fund was established in 2004 by Denise Kontras Merino and Libbie Pfefferle Trott to enable some of our classmates who have severe health challenges due to strokes, multiple sclerosis, and other debilitating illnesses to attend the reunion activities at no charge to them.

In 2009 we were able to bring John Thierman to our 40-year reunion from Malvern, Pennsylvania. You may remember John as an outstanding football player, wrestler, and member of the track team. John experienced a head injury in an accident many years ago, and our Friendship Fund made it possible for him to join usat the 40-year reunion by providing air transportation and hotel accommodations for him from Friday, July 3 until Sunday morning,

Thank you to our classmates who have made generous contributions to the Friendship Fund in 2004 and in 2009; because of you, we have been able to help our friends!

Below are the notes we received from the recipients of your kind donations to the Friendship Fund in 2004:

Dear Class of 1969,

I can't begin to say how much the gift from the Class of 1969 means to me. I am deeply touched! I was more than surpprised to say the least when I opened the envelope. I was even speechless. Is that possible?

The gift will be used to pay for the heating of my condo. Just the thought of this kindness really warms my heart. It will make for a warm winter filled with joy.

Again, Thank you to my Class of 1969, the Reunion Committee, and my friends.

God Bless,
Alice Louise McCain

Dear Class of 1969,

Here's hoping you had a very nice holiday. Thank you very much for the check. I'm not quite sure why you sent it, but thank you very much.

I thought the reunion last July was the best one I've been to. I saw 75 people or more I had known and talked to many of them. The committee did a great job. Who ever thought Bev D'Angelo would make it?

Thank you to the Class of 1969 so much,
Ed King

Note: Ed King passed away on April 26, 2006

Dear Class,

I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness and sharing your care to me.

May you all have peace and much happiness this new year.

Pam Allerding






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