John Williams:
$500 donation!
Stan Collins:
Mike O'Rourke:
Teacher Invitations
Bill Clark:
February Mailing
Jack Cochran
Pat Dynes
Invitation Postage

Renee Allen Morgenstern
$100 donation!

Sue Jones Patterson
Memorial Tribute Invitations

Fritz Reitter
Truck for Float
Lesley Beeson Tate
Roses for Memorial, balloon bouquets at LaScala

We are sending a huge THANK YOU to JOHN WILLIAMS, who sent in an amazing contribution of $500 for the class treasury! We are extremely grateful for his generosity and thoughtfulness in boosting our treasury this way! Thank you, John!

We want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to STAN COLLINS, who very generously donated the cost of the paper, all the envelopes, and the printing of our 600+ invitations this year!

Mailing almost 600 invitations at $.59 per envelope added up, so to help with that expense, PAT DYNES is covering 50% of the cost.

We will be inviting former teachers to our party at LaScala on Saturday, July 4, and MIKE O'ROURKE is donating the paper, envelopes, printing and postage for that project!

Remember the letter you received in February - sort of a pre-reunion letter? BILL CLARK donated the paper, envelopes, and printing for that set of letters. Back in 2004, we spent several hundred dollars on mailings. For this year's letters, the class treasury is paying only for the postage.

SUE JONES PATTERSON donated all the materials and postage, plus her time, for the creation of the Memorial Tribute invitations. Sue also took on this project for the 2004 reunion.

RENEE ALLEN MORGENSTERN made a generous contribution to the general fund in the amount of $100.

FRITZ REITTER once again has donated the use of a Reitter Stucco truck to pull our amazing float, so thank you, Fritz!

If you buy a ticket to the LaScala dinner party, you will receive - at no charge! - a UA69 t-shirt. This is being made possible by JACK COCHRAN, who is printing the shirts at his cost. Thank you, Jack, for this great donation. We really do want each classmate to have a Class of 1969 shirt!

LESLEY BEESON TATE, owner of The Paper Flower at Tremont Center, is graciously donating the white roses for the Memorial Tribute Ceremony, as well as the balloon bouquets for the LaScala dinner party. Thank you, Lesley!

Also, any money generated by the sale of other UA69 logowear, such as the golf shirts, hats and visors, will be donated to the class treasury.

It is these kinds of generous donations that permit us to keep our reunion party costs down, because we don't have to allow for these expenses, which are sizable!

If you would like to make such a donation - and donations of ANY SIZE are greatly appreciated - please see our Donations page for suggestions of specific funds. And of course, any cash donations are welcomed.

Our class is amazingly generous and thoughtful, as was evident in 2004 when we initiated the Memory Tree / Alumni Garden feature of our reunion weekend, as well as our Friendship Fund. THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to enhance our treasury and enable us to keep the ticket prices manageable so that as many people as possible can come to the reunion!






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